Building Relationships




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2 Enemies of ministry
Familiarity and Partiality

  Developing the right attitudes

4 Things for being sensitive
in a relationship

  Developing sensitivity for one on one in conversation

  Archeologists Discover Biblical Gate
Related to 12 Tribes of Israel

  Important Finding in Bethsaida, Israel
Map of Jesus' Miracles

  Filtering Narratives and Memes   Discern the sources and confusing and sometimes
contradicting views from the social media

Spiritual  Road Map   Certain guidelines will help you to stay the course

Dichotomy and False Dichotomy   Do not be fooled by opposing views and extremes
 15 Fallacies made simple

For a more in-depth description below link
15 Logical Fallacies You Should Know Before Getting Into a Debate

For a concise look that is broken down use the first link:

  If you really want to engage in healthy dialogue as well as listen to another persons concerns this will help.