If You Love Them You Will Debate Them Series

**Confident and able to give answers.

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January 2019 Issue

Why? If you love them you will debate Series.

The Great Challenge!..............

This is for you if you've said;
1. " I give up no one seems to listen." ?
2. I want to share Christ but is seems like I just make people mad.
3. If God is Love then what do I do to really love those around me ?
Intro to February letter - Jan. 26, 2019 Colossians 4:6 English Standard Version (ESV)
Let your speech always be gracious,
Coming to a neutral place means
to think clearly and be free from
worldly influences.  Learn to make decisions
based on Truth.
February Issue - February 1, 2019 ** This February letter (Neutral Motives) is about having salt in your actions and making a decision based on neutral ground. If you want to step back and get a good perspective on the issue or problem you need a neutral position. Decision making is the most important part for the leadership. With more information at hand we need to focus our minds for clear and healthy interactions.
February Part B Issue - February 9, 2019 ** When to use the salt Your salt comes from right motivation so take time to develop a strategy for debating and communicating based on sincere love for those around you.
March Issue - 2019 Avoiding the Band Wagon Fallacie  3 issues, test, evaluate
1. Entity/Program /Character / Ministry /
2. Representation/truth/priorities / Vision / Face of
3. Fulfillment of vision or promise / Actually results
April Issue - 2019 Faithful to give a report Esther 4:14 “For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
May Issue - 2019 Movements are the same as religions because they use Christian principles.
Progressive, New Age, and Humanism
They all have one purpose and that is to replace our existing western culture. And thereby subtly removing Judeo Christian values from our world.
June Issue - 2019 Eternal Fire - Photo of my sons house burned to the ground. When things move quickly and uncontrollably through our lives we have so little time to choose our directions or reactions. It is after the storm that we can get on our knees and ask our gracious God why this could happen to us.
July Issue - 2019  Celebrating Our Independence From Humanism Dumbing down the Old Testiment Scriptures
With this trend toward humanism many churches are excluding the Genesis stories and picking and choosing intellectual theology over Spiritual Truths that permeate the Old and New Testaments.
August Issue - 2019 Developing A Desire For Exhortation
Real Identity and Proper Validation
Proverbs 27 gives us such a firm foundation for receiving proper criticism. We all need to hear harsh words at times when it is a nudge to take responsibility for our actions.
September Issue - 2019 Venue Driven Environment”
Looking for faith in another way.
A coin from a fish ??
In this issue I will describe what I mean by a venue driven environment.
Earlier this year I talked about neutral motives. To have an effective process of communications it will be important to make sure that the environment is safe and free with the liberty that only Christ can bring.
Romans 12:10 “Have kindly affection one for another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another”

October Issue - 2019 "Venue Driven Encouter"
Looking for a safe place to engage.
It is always easy to presume you know the people around you and when you miss important peripheral elements in a person life the witness doesn't seem genuine.
November Issue - 2019 “Challenging Not Adversarial” Have a Challenging Message Not An Adversarial Message. Emphasizing circular motion, a redirection of force. Let the Holy Spirit.speak.
December Issue - 2019 Consistent, Honest, and Trustworthy. An honest person doesn’t have to manipulate or provoke with defensive rhetoric
This year I have challenged us all to find healthy perspectives about our thinking processes and our communications.


Happy New Year 2020

January Issue - 2020 Being Sensitive In Our Relationships As we start out the new year it is always good to make some resolutions that will bring better connections to the people God brings in our lives.
February Issue - 2020 “Peace In The Home” Peace in the home: We can't control the circumstances around us but we can choose to react in a humble and respectful manner.

Other Topics


Attitudes, Traps, and Hypocracies

Mathew 5:37 “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” Our Father knows our weaknesses and others can see them. If people want to have a good relationship with us we need to keep them from having to wade through the fašade of games.

Donald Trumps address to March for Life 2020

This is the first time any U.S. president has attended the march We are here for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential

Sitting In The Gates

A discussion about three main issues for Christian Leadership in a Community Learn to receive the counsel God has for you

Empowering and Enabling

Showing examples of enabling Learn how to know if your love is really working.

Ministry Test Pinwheel

Find the ministry sweet spot Learn to navigate the difficult decisions

99 Ways To Take Criticism

Many Poets And Prophets Contribute One Liners Learn how to receive criticism

15 Fallacies To Look For In Debates
15 Fallacies Boiled Down
15 Fallacies Card Size One Sheet

Full explanations
Boiled Down is with out examples
Use this when making a 3x5 wallet size
Learn what to look for when the topics are very emotionally driven.

  If You Love Them You Will Debate Them
Book by: Rense Miller
It is my belief that communications will begin to break down in our society and the world as
men hearts wax cold.  It is a normal coarse of action for the human spirit to take sides and let
misunderstanding and misinformation rule the emotions and perceptions of the world.
Relying on a reference point and learning to communicate properly will give us the confidence
to convey Truth with clarity for those who need sanctuary.
Updated: 01/30/2020


Priority - Relationships through:

Connectivity, Commitment, and Communications


About this book:

Bad information ! Bad interpretation of the information ! Bad reaction to the information ! Do we ever have hope for reasonable communications ??

In this book I will give my own observations and share pearls of wisdom from many sources that can give us tools for not only looking at the dilemma we all face but give us courage to patiently engage others in practice and productivity.

Mentioned in this book

As I started writing and organizing this book I thought about how much I would have to plagiarized or give credit to the great philosophers of the past and present.  In my research I was surprised to see how much information is easily available on the internet and how much history has to tell us if we open our eyes.  I will be using many scriptures from the Bible both Old and New Testament.  I have found many of Jesus’ parables contain simple and wise applications to our every day communications and actions toward others.


My culminations of thoughts and experiences with others around me could only be described as sometimes successful but always interesting and encouraging to me as well as others.  I first need to ascribe the growth to my wonderful family that keeps loving me.  If we are blessed enough to have honest and faithful friends and family they deserve much of the credit for our changing and learning.  My faithful wife has been the inspiration and sobering sounding block for 50 years. She is not only teacher and keeper of our big family but also has the passion to keep our lives a sanctuary for each other as well as those we come in contact with. 


Bad information ! Bad interpretation of the information ! Bad reaction to the information ! Do we ever have a hope for reasonable and truthful communications ??

Growing up in the 60s makes it easy for me to remember how much no one had to really worry about exposure or our persona data and facts actions and speaking to be broadcasted to all kinds of media in institutions and data bases that could change the way the whole world thinks in just a moment. The influence on our young minds were pretty much limited to our parents are teachers and a few kids down the block that we either got along with or hated.  Then came video and audio recordings and posters of our favorite icons.  I remember being able to buy 145 two-sided phonograph record and be able to keep up with pretty much all of the top 40 and the Jukebox if I did it maybe even like four or five times a month.  I don't think anyone ever imagined that I Public Library reference and scientific discoveries encyclopedias would be replaced buy a free app M browser on a small cell phone.

With the internet one small pocket-size device can help reference actually review and promote any item in the world to any person anywhere.

If we look at the internet as a big beautiful creative amazingly diverse machine that can produce so much good but also has the potential to be very dangerous especially to those that have have a vulnerability in our society we can see that without any training or nurturing you are filtering a lot of our society could be damaged and  permanently disabled.

It all depends on whether or not we are able to learn how to interpret properly the input and then properly make decisions on how we're going to react to it.

And this book we will learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls of instant gratification, the need to lash out, how to be sensitive, and have self control in a community and how to be accountable to that community.

you can only really learn these types of disciplines if you practice them and learn how to dialogue and communicate

If you love them then you will debate them.


1. Introduction: Why ?  Why is it important to communicate a love and respect to those that God puts us in contact with.

2. Let your speech be gracious

3. Starting with neutral motives

4. When to use salt

5.  Avoid the band wagon

6.  Faithful to give a report

7.  Knowing your opponent

8.  Eternal fire

9. Celebrating our independence from humanism.

10.  Developing a desire for exhortation

11. Venue Driven Environment – Another way

12. How to discuss different styles of religions

Quotes Throughout The Book

Illustrations For Growth